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‚Where is Legoland,‘ you ask? Find all Legoland locations on a map!

See the full list of Legoland and Legoland Discovery Center locations and easily find them on the map. If you're planning your next vacation or just a short trip with the kids, consider visiting one of the Legoland venues; your children will love it!

If you can't find one of the Legoland parks near you, try out the Legoland Discovery Centers, which are smaller Legolands offering a great indoor experience. Legoland Discovery Centers are a wonderful way to add fun, adventure, education and creativity into any day, no matter the weather. All centers are open for little and adult visitors throughout the year.

Couldn't find a lego-themed theme park near you? Don't fret! More are opening soon. Though Legoland parks have so far been focused on Europe and the United States, this year sees the opening of the first Asian Legoland in Malaysia, with more to follow: Legoland Dubailand in United Arab Emirates and Legoland Japan (2015). New Legoland Discovery Centers are to be opened soon in Atlanta, Kansas City and Tokyo.

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Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo, Tokyo
Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo ©  Jiri Parimucha
  • Legoland Discovery Center Tokyo

    The first Legoland Discovery Center in Asia offers plenty of fun for both both young and old. Let your imagination go wild!

  • Legoland Discovery Centre Berlin

    Hands-on centre where children can admire and play with various kinds of LEGO. 4D cinema and Dragon Castle can be visited, too.

  • Legoland California

    The first Legoland park in the United States. Exciting rides you can control yourself, tiny world monuments and a themed water park.

  • Legoland Malaysia

    First Legoland theme park in Asia and sixth in the world. Hit the theme park and have fun with the Lego pieces or cool down at the waterpark.

  • Legoland Deutschland

    A must-visit if you have children with you. There are tons of things to see and do; from the awesome rides to the Lego models of German cities.

  • Legoland Windsor

    Every child's dream! There are loads of fun things to do – from the Lego miniatures to submarine tours. Only 23 miles from central London!

  • Legoland Billund

    The very first Legoland park that opened in 1968. Quite a ride from Copenhagen, but definitely worth the trip.

  • Legoland Florida

    The largest Legoland park in the world. A one-of-a-kind amusement park that provides fun for the whole family.

  • Legoland Discovery Center Chicago

    The wonderful indoor Lego world located in Schaumburg, only half an hour's drive from Chicago city center.

  • Legoland Discovery Center Atlanta

    The new 32,000-square-foot center provides dozens of thrilling attractions, all Lego-themed.

  • Legoland Dubailand

    Soon to be opened theme park with 40+ interactive rides and other attractions and shows.

  • Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester

    Let the imagination of your kids run wild in this Lego kingdom. A plethora of attractions for both young and old.

  • Legoland Discovery Center Dallas - Fort Worth

    Kids paradise at the Grapevine Mills Mall, Entry 5, conveniently located next to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

  • Legoland Discovery Center Kansas City

    If your kids love Lego, then this center is a must. Dozens of fun attractions that will entertain even the parents!

  • Legoland Discovery Centre Oberhausen

    It might be smaller than the full-size outdoor Legolands, but your children can enjoy attractions and educational activities all-year-round.

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