Guide to Berlin's Best Bars for Hipsters

You've probably heard all the hype about Berlin — it's cheap, the people are young, the beer is plentiful, the companies are hot. Is it true? Well, I don't know. But I do know that this capital city is not only the center of cool but feels like a playground, too. There's something for everyone here and the bars, clubs and cafes are the places to find that something. Wear whatever — no one's looking because they're more worried about their own hipster look.

This Berlin guide was brought to you by, a hipster travel & lifestyle blog. Adam is a travel writer based in Berlin, Germany. He quit his corporate job in Boston as a graphic designer for a major international book publisher and is now traveling and working his way around the world.

O Tannenbaum, Berlin
  • O Tannenbaum

    The name of this hip bar means ‚O Christmas Tree‘ and its interior is decorated in this theme. Check out yourself!

  • Gastón

    Located in the Neukolln neighbourhood, this bar serves delicious tapas at affordable prices in really Spanish atmosphere.

  • Hotel-Bar

    Small bar in Kreuzberg with pleasant flair, cosy interior and good coffee. The underground club section is brilliant!

  • Locke Müller

    Mixed drinks are a specialty of this bar. Although they don't come exactly cheap, the taste is delightful.

  • Multi Layer Laden

    This bar hosts cool concerts regularly. Even if there is no event, you'll definitely enjoy the intimate atmosphere.

  • Lerchen und Eulen

    This amazing bar near Gorlitzer U-Bahn serves delicious Moscow Mule cocktails in a friendly environment.