La Brea Pitch Lake

The largest deposit of asphalt in the entire world. Just one of the dozens of natural wonders scattered along the islands.

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More information about La Brea Pitch Lake

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La Brea Pitch Lake Pictures

Attractions near to La Brea Pitch Lake

  • Devil's Woodyard

    Devil's Woodyard

    A so-called „mud volcano“, this intriguing natural formation and its bubbling craters is a must-visit while on the islands.

  • Piparo Mud Volcano

    Piparo Mud Volcano

    One of the islands' natural curiosities. The bubbling mud both inside and around the volcano sure is a strange sight.

  • Hanuman Murti, Chaguanas

    Hanuman Murti

    Hindu is a prominent religion on the islands and so it's not surprising that there is a huge and colourful statue of a Hindu god here.



    The private house is home to a huge number of hummingbirds you can meet up close. Call the owners and schedule a visit – you won't regret it.

  • San Fernando Hill, San Fernando

    San Fernando Hill

    The hill is a favourite amongst both tourists and locals for its pleasant nature and the great views from the top.

  • Pointe-à-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust

    Pointe-à-Pierre Wild Fowl Trust

    These beautiful premises are the home of many birds – owls, ibis and peacocks can all be seen here in addition to other animals.

  • La Vega Garden Centre

    La Vega Garden Centre

    The estate's main pride are its gardens – perfect for picnicking, fishing, and generally forgetting about all your worries.

  • Los Iros Beach

    Los Iros Beach

    The beach is still popular with windsurfers, although the times when it was a holiday resort are long gone (and so are the crowds).

  • Quinam Beach

    Quinam Beach

    This well-facilitated beach with its slow, rocking waves is a popular spot not just for swimming, but also fishing and camping.

  • Brechin Castle Golf Course

    Brechin Castle Golf Course

    An 18-hole golf course still sporting a classical layout from the beginning of the 20th century. A pleasant and relaxing place where to play.

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