Pícaro Café

Concerts, DJs' performances and various shows take place in this venue, which is one of the most famous entertainment spots of Toledo.

Calle Cadenas, 6 45001 Toledo, Spain

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Attractions near to Pícaro Café

  • Alcántara Bridge, Toledo, Toledo

    Alcántara Bridge, Toledo

    National monument. One of the few entrances to Toledo. Distinctive for being built by Romans and rebuilt by Arabs.

  • Alcazar - Military Museum Toledo, Toledo

    Alcazar - Military Museum Toledo

    Outstanding military museum located in the fortress towering over Toledo. Worth stopping by even if you're not interested in warfare.

  • Monastery of Saint John of the Kings, Toledo

    Monastery of Saint John of the Kings

    Monastery built in the shape of a cross in a distinctive mixture of Gothic-Spanish-Flemish style. Franciscan order now uses the premises.

  • Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo, Toledo

    Primate Cathedral of Saint Mary of Toledo

    This magnificent Gothic cathedral is an absolute must see of Toledo. Many of its chapels are exquisitely decorated.

  • The New Bisagra Gate, Toledo

    The New Bisagra Gate

    This magnificent gate served as one of the main entrances to the city. It is decorated with a coat of arms of the emperor Charles V.

  • San Martin Bridge, Toledo

    San Martin Bridge

    Crossing the Tagus, this 14th century bridge with five archs offers beautiful views of both banks of the river.

  • Church of San Andres, Toledo

    Church of San Andres

    This temple's style is mixed, influenced by Visigoth, Gothic and Roman architecture. Its Almohad entrance is especially interesting.

  • Church of Santo Tome, Toledo

    Church of Santo Tome

    The Count of Orgaz is buried at this church. His tomb is decorated with a stunning painting by El Greco, which is also the temple's main draw.

  • Taller del Moro Museum, Toledo

    Taller del Moro Museum

    Visit this place to marvel at the unbelievable beauty of Mudéjar ceramics and tiles made in Toledo during the 14th and 15th centuries.

  • Santa Cruz Museum, Toledo

    Santa Cruz Museum

    Museum located in a former municipal hospital boasts an interesting collection of paintings from Toledo – by El Greco and others.

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