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What to Do in Spain

  • Sagrada Família Church, Barcelona

    Sagrada Família Church

    This stunning church is unfinished, but nonetheless remains one of Gaudí's master­pieces and a UNESCO site.

  • Puerta del Sol, Madrid

    Puerta del Sol

    Highlights are many – this place is point 0 and also the most common meeting point. It is lined with many notable buildings.

  • Seville Cathedral , Seville

    Seville Cathedral

    A UNESCO World Heritage Site. The majestic cathedral, largest in the world, dwarves everything else in its vicinity.

  • Bodegas Güell

    Bodegas Güell

    A winery and other buildings in the complex were designed by Gaudí. Now a restaurant with amazing view over the Mediterranean Sea.

  • Casa de los Botines, Leon

    Casa de los Botines

    Situated in León, this Modernist building is another masterpiece by Gaudí. Now the headquarters of a bank. Well worth a visit.

  • Nau Gaudí, Mataró

    Nau Gaudí

    Built between 1878 and 1883 by Antonio Gaudí. Highlight is the structure of the whitening room with parabolic arches.

  • Alhambra, Granada


    One of the largest and certainly most beautiful castles in the world. The mighty Alhambra built by the Moors in the 14th century is a real gem, a definite must-see.

  • Badalona Beach, Badalona

    Badalona Beach

    Beach situated not far from Barcelona. Long stretch of golden sand lined with promenade with restaurants and cafés.

  • Central Market, Valencia, Valencia

    Central Market, Valencia

    One of the oldest still running markets in Europe. The building is a marvellous example of turn of the 20th century architecture.

  • Mosque–Cathedral, Cordoba


    Building symbolising the religious history of Spain. Former pagan temple and mosque, now a Cathedral. Spectacular building, a must-see.

  • PortAventura Theme Park, Reus

    PortAventura Theme Park

    A part of PortAventura resort. This theme park has something to offer for everyone, with its large aquapark and numerous attractions and rides.

  • Palma Cathedral (La Seu), Palma

    Palma Cathedral (La Seu)

    The beautiful cathedral was restored with help of Antonio Gaudí, but originally dates back to 13th century.

  • Alcántara Bridge, Toledo, Toledo

    Alcántara Bridge, Toledo

    National monument. One of the few entrances to Toledo. Distinctive for being built by Romans and rebuilt by Arabs.

  • Alcazaba of Málaga, Malaga

    Alcazaba of Málaga

    Monumental Moorish citadel with its origins in the 11th century. Probably the best preserved one in the whole Spain.

  • Vegueta Old Town, Las Palmas

    Vegueta Old Town

    The oldest quarter of the cosmopolitan city of Las Palmas has been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site. Still is regarded to be the centre of the city.

  • Aqueduct of Segovia, Segovia

    Aqueduct of Segovia

    UNESCO World Heritage Site. One of the most precious and best preserved monuments in Spain. A must see.

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