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The House of the Free Press

Casa Presei Libere

The former „Casa Scînteii“ (named after the official newspaper of the Communist party) now houses headquarters of several printing presses.

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Attractions near to The House of the Free Press

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    Palace of Parliament

    The largest civilian building in the world contains both chambers of the Romanian Parliament. Come visit the fabulous Neoclassic building!

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    Romanian Athenaeum

    The astonishing structure is the noble heart of Romanian classical music. It is an architectural gem that hosts prestigious concerts.

  • CEC Palace, Bucharest

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    The eclectic architectural gem houses a museum and bank headquarters. The fascinating architecture and distinct style make it a must-see!

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  • Hanul cu Tei Passageway, Bucharest

    Hanul cu Tei Passageway

    The fascinating cobblestone passageway offers a variety of galleries, antiques shops and various stores with art supplies.

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