Mermaid Statue

Pomnik Syrenki

This statue located in the middle of the Old Town Square is the symbol of the city. Another statue of the legendary mermaid is at the riverbank.

Rynek Starego Miasta 5/7 Warsaw, Poland

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Mermaid Statue Pictures

Attractions near to Mermaid Statue

  • Palace of Culture and Science, Warsaw

    Palace of Culture and Science

    The highest building in Poland attracts the visitors mostly for its lookout terrace. Gift to the Polish by Stalin himself.

  • Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Warsaw

    Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

    Monument dedicated to those deceased in a war. There's an eternal fire burning at the tomb and soldiers are on patrol.

  • Barbican, Warsaw


    Monumental fortification built in 16th century was unfortunately almost destroyed during World War II and had to be restored.

  • The Presidential Palace, Warsaw

    The Presidential Palace

    Official seat of the Polish president and one of the largest palaces in Warsaw. Majestic building is accompanied by the statue of prince Josef.

  • Royal Baths Park, Warsaw

    Royal Baths Park

    Vast royal palace complex surrounded by splendid gardens. One of the most visited sights in Warsaw. A must see.

  • Fragment of Ghetto Wall, Warsaw

    Fragment of Ghetto Wall

    Remnants of 3 metres high ghetto wall. The fragment is one of the memorials of heritage and fate of Warsaw Jews.

  • St. Anne's Church, Warsaw

    St. Anne's Church

    Beautiful Neoclassical/Ba­roque church is one of the oldest sacral buildings in Warsaw. Church's belfry serves as a perfect lookout point.

  • Warsaw Rising Museum, Warsaw

    Warsaw Rising Museum

    One of the most visited sights in Warsaw. Museum and a memorial at the same moment, it tells the story of the Warsaw uprising of 1944.

  • The Saxon Garden, Warsaw

    The Saxon Garden

    The oldest public park in Poland with number of various mythical statues scattered around the park. Peaceful place ideal for relaxing.

  • Smaller Basilica of the Holy Cross, Warsaw

    Smaller Basilica of the Holy Cross

    Another important church. There are said to be hidden urns with hearts of F. Chopin and W. Reymont in the pillars.

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