Shopping del Sol

One of the biggest shopping centres in Asunción is a place with designer shops and amazing deals you can make!

Avenida Aviadores del Chaco, Asunción, Paraguay

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Attractions near to Shopping del Sol

  • Mercado 4, Asuncion

    Mercado 4

    In this chaotic and lively place you will feel the atmosphere of Latin America! Vendors sell all kinds of goods here.

  • National Pantheon of the Heroes, Asuncion

    National Pantheon of the Heroes

    Paraguay witnessed many battles in the past and this building commemorates people who participated in them. It is a symbol of history.

  • Palace of the Lopez, Asuncion

    Palace of the Lopez

    In this building, famous Paraguayan president Carlos Antonio Lopez lived. Now, it is a seat of the president and the government.

  • Municipal Theatre, Asuncion

    Municipal Theatre

    Completed in 1844, this theatre became very popular among local people. It has a nice facade and commemorates Ignacio A. Pane, a politician.

  • Calle Palma, Asuncion

    Calle Palma

    In this street, several historical buildings are located. It is also a great place for shopping lovers!

  • Ethnographic Museum of Andres Barbero, Asuncion

    Ethnographic Museum of Andres Barbero

    Great collection of artefacts and memorabilia from the Paraguayan prehistory until nowadays is the main attraction of this museum.

  • Casa Viola, Asuncion

    Casa Viola

    A colonial house from the 18th century is a part of city cultural centre and shows mainly period furniture. Feel the colonial athmosphere!

  • Paseo Las Carmelitas, Asuncion

    Paseo Las Carmelitas

    When you want to have a drink or eat delicious food, this is the right place! Come here to enjoy yourself!

  • Central Railstation Museum, Asuncion

    Central Railstation Museum

    If you want to view the history of railways in Paraguay, come to this museum where you will get interesting information!

  • Metropolitan Cathedral, Asuncion

    Metropolitan Cathedral

    Opened in 1845, this church was the first of La Plata Diocese. Inside, you can see a beautiful silver altar.

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