Revolution Avenue

Avenida Revolución

This street is the historical heart of Tijuana, it is full of shops, restaurants and plenty of interesting buildings. It is a good place to start your Tijuana trip.

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Revolution Avenue Pictures

Attractions near to Revolution Avenue

  • The Border, Tijuana

    The Border

    A border between Mexico and USA is very interesting and fascinating. You can see the difference between these two countries in one place.

  • Cervecería Tijuana Brewery, Tijuana

    Cervecería Tijuana Brewery

    This microbrewery established in 2000 is famous for its pilsen style beer, originated in the Czech Republic. You can take a guided tour.

  • Tijuana Wrestling, Tijuana

    Tijuana Wrestling

    If you want to see wrestling fight, here you have the opportunity. In Mexico is wrestling very popular, so the atmosphere is spectacular.

  • El Popo Market, Tijuana

    El Popo Market

    A very beautiful and atmospheric downtown market, that offers wide range of sweets, fruit, cheeses and some souvenirs.

  • Mundo Divertido Amusement Park, Tijuana

    Mundo Divertido Amusement Park

    A small amusement park, where you can enjoy various attractions such as miniature golf, batting cages and various rides.

  • Tijuana Cultural Center, Tijuana

    Tijuana Cultural Center

    One of the gems of Tijuana, it is a multipurpose cultural center, with a 360-degree projector in OMNIMAX cinema. It is also a venue of many cultural events.

  • Artisan's Market, Tijuana

    Artisan's Market

    This market is focused on handmade products such as jewelery, furniture, pottery and many types of souvenirs.

  • Frontón Jai Alai Palace, Tijuana

    Frontón Jai Alai Palace

    This palace was the venue of ball game of jai alai in the past. Nowadays it serves for various cultural occasions such as music performances or art exhibits.

  • El Toreo de Tijuana Bullfights, Tijuana

    El Toreo de Tijuana Bullfights

    An arena, where bullfighting takes place. This sport has very long tradition in Mexico and it is part of its cultural heritage.

  • Plaza de Toros Monumental Arena, Tijuana

    Plaza de Toros Monumental Arena

    The larger of two Tijuana bull arenas. It lies close to the border with USA and close to sea. The arena has amazing atmosphere during bullfights.

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