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What to Do in Morelia

  • Guadalupe Shrine, Morelia

    Guadalupe Shrine

    Go through the unique portal and discover the colorful and gold-plated interior of this beautiful Baroque church.

  • Aqueduct, Morelia


    This stone aqueduct from the end of the 18th century will charm you with its beautiful arches. A great place for a day or night stroll.

  • Rose Garden, Morelia

    Rose Garden

    A stunning rose garden, where you can find two sculptures representing Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and Don Vasco de Quiroga.

  • Conservatory of the Roses, Morelia

    Conservatory of the Roses

    Visit the first American conservatory founded in 1743 where you can hear its famous boys choir. Several art festivals are held here as well.

  • Fuente Las Tarascas, Morelia

    Fuente Las Tarascas

    The bronze replica of a beautiful fountain consisting of 4 Tarascas – women sculptures dating back to 1960s. It is a symbol of Morelia.

  • House of Culture, Morelia

    House of Culture

    A cultural center located in an imposing building dating back to the 17th century. See concerts, join workshops or admire exhibitions.

  • Palace of Justice, Morelia

    Palace of Justice

    Admire the architectural gem in the heart of historical center – a former townhall, built in the 17th century built in Baroque style.

  • Santa Rosa de Lima Church, Morelia

    Santa Rosa de Lima Church

    A former Dominican church built in the Baroque style. Notice its unique altars decorated with statuettes of religious figures.

  • Government Palace in Michoacan, Morelia

    Government Palace in Michoacan

    When in the city center, take a walk around the mid 18th-century colonial building, the seat of the executive power of Michoacan state.

  • Callejon del Romance, Morelia

    Callejon del Romance

    A narrow street full of flowers, where you can sit on a nearby fountain, read poems or chat with your darling. A popular lovers' place.

  • Morelia Sweets, Morelia

    Morelia Sweets

    A small museum in the old chocolate factory where you can witness the processes of sweets production. Taste some pralines and buy souvenirs.

  • Natural History Museum, Morelia

    Natural History Museum

    The museum of natural sciences offers educational programs for visitors concerning the natural history, fossils, fauna and flora.

  • Legends of Morelia, Morelia

    Legends of Morelia

    Take a guided tour at night and learn about the magical legends concerning the sights of Morelia. It's a great tourist attraction.

  • Regional Museum Michoacan, Morelia

    Regional Museum Michoacan

    A museum focused on Hispanic cultures of the Michoacan region, housing archaeological artifacts, art and pottery.

  • State Museum, Morelia

    State Museum

    Visit a museum divided into 3 main sections – American Archaeology, History, and Ethnology. Enjoy guided tours and workshops.

  • Mask Museum, Morelia

    Mask Museum

    A museum located in the ‚Casa de Cultura‘, where unique collections of masks and other etnographic artifacts are exhibited.

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