Andohalo Cathedral

Cathedrale Catholique d'Andohalo

Similar to Notre Dame but much less decorated. Still a very nice sight worth having a look at. The biggest church in the country!

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Andohalo Cathedral Pictures

Attractions near to Andohalo Cathedral

  • Palais de Justice, Antananarivo

    Palais de Justice

    This fairy-tale colourful-icing like building is a judicial court. But more than admiring its function, see the architectural sty­le!

  • Ambohitsorohitra Palace, Antananarivo

    Ambohitsorohitra Palace

    This palace serves as presidential offices. However it is not the official residence of the president. Its purpose is rather symbolic.

  • Square of Andohalo, Antananarivo

    Square of Andohalo

    This square is surrounded by a Catholic cathedral, a Andohalo temple and an Anglican cathedral. It's shadowed by tall verdant trees.

  • Musee Andafivaratra, Antananarivo

    Musee Andafivaratra

    The museum is situated next to the Palais d'Andafiavaratra. So don't get too blown away and visit the expositions. They are excellent.

  • Daily Flower Market, Antananarivo

    Daily Flower Market

    Shop for fresh cut flowers, extraordinary seeds or unique plants. Or just wander about in this colourful oasis.

  • Roxy Antaninanerina, Antananarivo

    Roxy Antaninanerina

    Stop by to sit down to watch one of the Hollywood blockbusters here. More into African films? This cinema has it all!

  • Bookstore Ambohijatovo, Antananarivo

    Bookstore Ambohijatovo

    This neat and popular bookstore will stock you with a pile of books in different genres – African and French literature mostly.

  • Is'Art Galerie, Antananarivo

    Is'Art Galerie

    Hard to miss when this gimmicky gallery has so zany and succulent expositions. A total pick-me-up from a daily routine!

  • Rova of Antananarivo, Antananarivo

    Rova of Antananarivo

    Situated on Analamanga, one of the twelve hills of Imerina, this royal complex features the opulence of Malagasy kings.

  • Lake Anosy, Antananarivo

    Lake Anosy

    If you are seeking a place of serenity in Tana, let your steps lead you here to this greeny lake with Monument aux Morts in the middle.

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