Map of Jordan Attractions

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Tours and Activities in Jordan

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What to Do in Jordan

  • Roman Theater

    It's the place to be seen. This Roman theatre dates from 120 AD and could seat up to 6000 people. It is very well preserved!

  • The Treasury

    If you can afford a trip down to the south of the country, never ever miss out this gorgeous stone-carved building in ancient city of Petra.

  • Amman Citadel

    A place of great historical importance! It has been inhabited since 7000 years ago. Collection of tombs, columns, stairs, arches and walls.

  • The Monastery

    Built in the first century, one wonders how the people must have been skilful to carve out such beauty!

  • King Abdullah I Mosque

    Quite recently reconstructed mosque from 1980s befools you by its pseudo-old historic style. It has a blue mosaic dome.

  • Temple of Hercules

    One of the remains on the Hill are the remaining pillars of the temple. You can get priceless views of the city from here!

  • Karak

    Don't miss out on this crusader castle which often decided the destinies of kings and nations. The stronghold dominates the small town.

  • Valley of the Moon

    UNESCO World Heritage Site! This extraordinarily remarkable natural sight has attracted even film makers! It is fascinating!

  • Al Siq

    Do you remember the races in the red-coloured gorges in Star Wars? Well, it was exactly here that they was filmed.

  • The Great Temple

    Don't miss the largest structure in Petra. You can observe art and architecture dating back to the Nabataean period.

  • Archaeological Site of Jerash

    The Greco-Roman remains might bewilder you. There are plenty of them. Hippodromes, theatres, baths, Forum etc. Truly amazing!

  • Rainbow Street

    This is a very popular street perched with important administrative buildings as well as shops, theatres and companies.

  • Little Petra

    Just a few kilometres from Petra, there is another hidden treasure. Less visited but definitely worth it!

  • Madaba

    Called the Jordan City of Mosaics, Madaba's most famous landmark is Mosaic Map but there are far more things to see in this city!

  • Palace Tomb

    A cemetery that looks like a palace. It's 49 metres high and features four gates, which lead to burial rooms.

  • The Tomb of the Roman Soldier

    The tomb is named after the statue of a soldier wearing Roman clothes. It dates back to the 2nd century.

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