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Tours and Activities in Jordan

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What to Do in Jordan

  • Karak


    Don't miss out on this crusader castle which often decided the destinies of kings and nations. The stronghold dominates the small town.

  • Roman Theater, Amman

    Roman Theater

    It's the place to be seen. This Roman theatre dates from 120 AD and could seat up to 6000 people. It is very well preserved!

  • The Treasury, Petra

    The Treasury

    If you can afford a trip down to the south of the country, never ever miss out this gorgeous stone-carved building in ancient city of Petra.

  • The Urn Tomb (The Court), Petra

    The Urn Tomb (The Court)

    One of the tombs located opposite the Theatre. It is almost 17 meters high and features two floors and supporting arcs.

  • Madaba, Mādabā


    Called the Jordan City of Mosaics, Madaba's most famous landmark is Mosaic Map but there are far more things to see in this city!

  • The Great Temple, Petra

    The Great Temple

    Don't miss the largest structure in Petra. You can observe art and architecture dating back to the Nabataean period.

  • The Silk Tomb, Petra

    The Silk Tomb

    The most attractive tomb in the area. The rich colour of sandstone is said to be changing during the day!

  • Palace Tomb, Petra

    Palace Tomb

    A cemetery that looks like a palace. It's 49 metres high and features four gates, which lead to burial rooms.

  • Obelisks Tomb, Petra

    Obelisks Tomb

    The two-storey tomb consists of a former funeral hall and a chamber with five graves above it. The upper floor is decorated with columns.

  • Corinthian Tomb, Petra

    Corinthian Tomb

    Part of the group called Royal Tombs which resembles The Treasury. It's heavily damaged by the weather, but still wonderful.

  • Haroun Mountain, Petra

    Haroun Mountain

    The locals believe that this is the resting place of Haroun, the brother of Moses. Don't climb the mountain without a guide.

  • Baptist Street, Petra

    Baptist Street

    You can follow the path which used to be a significant road leading to the market. It was the heart of the city at its time.

  • Temenos Gate, Petra

    Temenos Gate

    Another example of Nabataean architecture. The gate used to separate the busy part of the town with shops from the sacred one.

  • The Street of Facades, Petra

    The Street of Facades

    This path leads to the center of the ancient city and is surrounded by carved tombs. Tall tombs belong to the rich and short to the poor.

  • Aqaba, Aqaba


    This coastal city was still not fully discovered by the Western tourist agencies. There are the best possibilities to scuba-dive in Red Sea!

  • The Renaissance Tomb, Petra

    The Renaissance Tomb

    One of the tombs you will see on your way to the High Place of Sacrifice. It was carved into sandstone around 129 AD.

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