Green Grotto

La Grotta Verde

This lesser known cave beautifully reflects light and makes the water look green. Accessible by a kayak.

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Green Grotto in Italy

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Tours and Activities in Capri

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Green Grotto Pictures

Attractions near to Green Grotto

  • Blue Grotto

    Blue Grotto

    An enchanting cave – the light reflects so that the whole grotto has a mystical blue tint. Possible to visit by boat or by swimming.

  • Marina Grande

    Marina Grande

    The main port and point of arrival for the majority of visitors. Situated right next to it is the longest beach on the island.

  • Faraglioni


    These rock formations make the view of the sea even more dramatic. Moreover, a rare species of blue lizard lives there.

  • Chairlift Mount Solaro

    Chairlift Mount Solaro

    The cable car will take you to the top of the island's highest mountain in some 15 minutes. Operates all year round.

  • Via Krupp

    Via Krupp

    The historical pathway with an elevation of over 100 meters is entangled with quite bizarre legends. Walk it for the impeccable views!

  • Natural Arch

    Natural Arch

    These remains of a collapsed grotto are definitely worth the trip. There is a place nearby where ancient Romans worshipped their gods.

  • Siren's Rock

    Siren's Rock

    These rocks are believed to be the site where Ulysses was seduced by the sirens. The mythical place divides two beaches.

  • Villa San Michele

    Villa San Michele

    A lot to see here – a museum of ancient artifacts, one of Tiberius' villas built on the island, and marvellous Mediterranean gardens.

  • Gardens of Augustus

    Gardens of Augustus

    These relaxing gardens are located in one of the most beautiful spots on the island. Stroll down the Via Krupp and enjoy the views.

  • Villa of Jupiter

    Villa of Jupiter

    Remains of the majestic villa built by the emperor Tiberius. The eight floors are impressive even now.

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