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Karaite Synagogue

One of the oldest synagogues still in use. It serves to Karaite Jews who believe only in the Biblical commandments.

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Tours and Activities in Jerusalem

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Karaite Synagogue Pictures

Attractions near to Karaite Synagogue

  • Western Wall, Jerusalem

    Western Wall

    For the Jews, this is the holiest site in the world. Pilgrims come here to place paper with prayer or request into its cracks.

  • Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem

    Church of the Holy Sepulchre

    The world's holiest Christian site is presumably built on the spot where Jesus was buried. It encompasses the site of crucifixion, too.

  • Via Dolorosa, Jerusalem

    Via Dolorosa

    Follow the last steps of Jesus leading to his crucifixion. The important pilgrimage path is divided by nine Stations of the Cross.

  • Tower of David, Jerusalem

    Tower of David

    The majestic citadel dates more than 2,700 years back. The huge complex holds a museum dedicated to the history of Jerusalem.

  • Dome of the Rock, Jerusalem

    Dome of the Rock

    The dominant is at the centre of dispute between religions – it is built on the rock where Abraham was about to sacrifice Isaac.

  • Temple Mount, Jerusalem

    Temple Mount

    Religious site of immense importance for Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Currently closed to non-Muslims.

  • Damascus Gate, Jerusalem

    Damascus Gate

    The most important gateway to the Old City. The majestic landmark is flanked with two towers that used to guard it.

  • City Of David, Jerusalem

    City Of David

    This is the oldest settlement in Jerusalem and thus the most impressive archaeological site where many biblical events took place.

  • Bethlehem Old City, Jerusalem

    Bethlehem Old City

    The historical city holds several Arab-style markets and lots of tiny shops. Good for strolling and shopping.

  • Christian Quarter, Jerusalem

    Christian Quarter

    The historical district contains mostly religious and educational buildings of which just every one is well worth seeing.

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