Fortune Spa

Your regular massage parlour with wide range of therapeutic services according to Indonesian traditions.

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Fortune Spa in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Attractions near to Fortune Spa

  • National Monument, Jakarta

    National Monument

    The dominant of the city reaches the height of 132 metres. It includes museum and observation desk.

  • Jakarta Old Town, Jakarta

    Jakarta Old Town

    Used to be called The Jewel of Asia – and still is very beautiful. Wander the historical streets and enjoy their special atmosphere.

  • Istiqlal Mosque, Jakarta

    Istiqlal Mosque

    Construction of the largest mosque in Southeast Asia commemorates the independence of Indonesia. Attracts many tourists everyday.

  • National Museum, Jakarta

    National Museum

    The best and most extensive museum in Jakarta showcases archeological, historical and geographical exhibitions. Very informative!

  • Glodok, Jakarta


    The Chinatown is nothing like fifty years ago but still retains its distinctive culture. A popular site for buying electronics, too.

  • Pasar Baru, Jakarta

    Pasar Baru

    Shopping street with old-fashioned shops, retail stores and stalls. Good selection of clothes and accessories for crazy prices.

  • Cathedral, Jakarta


    Neo-Gothic cathedral with many interesting architectural features rich in biblical symbols. Dedicate some time to thorough explorations.

  • Jalan Surabaya, Jakarta

    Jalan Surabaya

    Open-air market where mostly art and antiques are on display. There are stalls with good choice of souvenirs, too.

  • Fatahillah Square, Jakarta

    Fatahillah Square

    The actual centre of Jakarta is dominated with remarkable fountain. Always busy with everyday life.

  • Sunda Kelapa, Jakarta

    Sunda Kelapa

    Historical port that played an important role in the development of the city. Several historical structures and boats can still be seen there.

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