Kolkata Trams

Noisy, dirty, crowded and slow. These adjectives perfectly describe what it's like to travel by Indian trams. But give it a go!

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Kolkata Trams in Calcutta, India
Kolkata Trams Kolkata %281%29 ©  Sarvagyana guru

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Attractions near to Kolkata Trams

  • Victoria Memorial Hall, Calcutta

    Victoria Memorial Hall

    An impressive marble museum, Kolkata's landmark and memorial building with beautiful gardens dedicated to Queen Victoria.

  • South Park Street Cemetery, Calcutta

    South Park Street Cemetery

    A peaceful historic graveyard from 1767 for early British residents including philologist Sir William Jones and Derozio. Well worth a visit.

  • Indian Museum, Calcutta

    Indian Museum

    Interested in history? This is India's largest museum packed with interesting collections of antiques, armors, fossils and many more.

  • Howrah Bridge, Calcutta

    Howrah Bridge

    A beautiful piece of architectural engineering and a landmark of Kolkata. Walk over this charming massive bridge built in late 30's.

  • St. Paul's Cathedral, Calcutta

    St. Paul's Cathedral

    A beautiful Neo-Gothic Anglican cathedral with exquisite paintings established in 1839. A feast for the eyes.

  • Mother House, Calcutta

    Mother House

    The headquarters of the Missionaries of Charity and Mother Teresa's final resting place. This humbling place is Kolkata's must-see.

  • Outram Ghat, Calcutta

    Outram Ghat

    This beautiful ghat (a body of water with steps) is perfect for bathing, boat riding and watching the locals conducting various rituals.

  • New Market, Calcutta

    New Market

    Experience true India in this marvellous open-air market which has got just about anything you desire… and at a bargain price!

  • Magen David Synagogue, Calcutta

    Magen David Synagogue

    Admire the largest synagogue in the East with beautiful stained glass windows, magnificent architecture and decorations.

  • Marble Palace, Calcutta

    Marble Palace

    An elegant Italian marble palace famous for its marble floors and walls built in 1835. The mansion houses a private collection of art.

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