Map of Iceland Attractions

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Tours and Activities in Iceland

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What to Do in Iceland

  • Geysir


    The one that named them all. Usually, it erupts daily, but even if you don't manage to see the water, it is definitely worth a visit.

  • Church of Hallgrímur, Reykjavik

    Church of Hallgrímur

    This architectural gem will take your breath away. The design of the building is really something unique and a must-see.

  • Húsavík Whale Museum, Kopasker

    Húsavík Whale Museum

    Devoted to one of the largest mammals in existence, this museum is educative and full of intriguing exhibits. Worth a visit.

  • Golden Falls

    Golden Falls

    The beauty of this waterfall is simply stunning and something you will remember for life. A must-visit while on the island.

  • Thingvellir National Park

    Thingvellir National Park

    A UNESCO World Heritage site. The park is famous for being the first place where the Icelandic parliament assembled.

  • Blue Lagoon

    Blue Lagoon

    A wonderful geothermal spa, located in a lava field. The bathing here is simply fabulous and great for your health.

  • Westmann Islands, Vestmannaeyjar

    Westmann Islands

    These islands are most known for their volcanic activities. If you come here in summer, do not miss the local festival.

  • Akureyri Golf Course, Akureyri

    Akureyri Golf Course

    You can't play any close to the Northern Pole than this. Enjoy the endless days in summer and the beautiful nature while you play.

  • Vestmannaeyja Golf Club, Vestmannaeyjar

    Vestmannaeyja Golf Club

    Located on a picturesque island, this course, well-equipped with facilities, provides the player with a wonderful experience.

  • Seljalandsfoss


    A stunning 60 metres high waterfall – and the best part is, you can go behind it. Definitely worth a visit for the magnificent scenery.

  • Nonni's House, Akureyri

    Nonni's House

    Devoted to Iceland's most loved children writer. The small house is filled with photos and other artefacts.

  • Lake Tjörnin, Reykjavik

    Lake Tjörnin

    Reykjavik's own lake. Feed the birds, go joggling or cycling or just enjoy the tranquil atmosphere here.

  • Glacier Lagoon

    Glacier Lagoon

    Perhaps one of the world's greatest natural jewels. The lagoon is a must-see while here and definitely worth the trip.

  • Austurvöllur Square, Reykjavik

    Austurvöllur Square

    A popular gathering spot of the citizens of Iceland. The square is lined by cafés and makes for a nice day out when the weather is sunny.

  • Thingvallavatn


    A lava-created lake and one of Iceland's natural wonders. The fauna here is abundant and the lake is a favourite spot amongst fishermen and divers.

  • Eyjafjallajökull


    Perhaps the most famous Icelandic volcano right now. Still partially active, though only with earthquakes.

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