Pointe du Vieux-Fort Lighthouse

Phare de la Pointe du Vieux-Fort

A little white trail from a small village subsisting on fishing leads to the lighthouse at the very south of the island.

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Pointe du Vieux-Fort Lighthouse Pictures

Attractions near to Pointe du Vieux-Fort Lighthouse

  • Grand Étang Lake

    Grand Étang Lake

    Natural basin, 10 meters deep, became popular with hikers who take the trails to and around it. There's an ornithological observatory too.

  • Étang Zombis Lake

    Étang Zombis Lake

    The legend about the mysterious lake is ever-present. It dates back to the age of slave trade. It's up to you if you want to believe it or not.

  • Des Roches Gravées Archaeological Park

    Des Roches Gravées Archaeological Park

    The reputation of the park protecting the Indian artefacts has reached far. It's amazing to walk so close past history.

  • Lycée Gerville-Réache

    Lycée Gerville-Réache

    Secondary school institution of high importance was classified as a national monument. Noteworthy and marvellous!

  • Aqueduct and Reservoir of Petite Guinée

    Aqueduct and Reservoir of Petite Guinée

    A structure of aqueduct, reservoir, fountain, canal and cartouche built in 18th century. Very pretty.

  • Vert Intense Organisation

    Vert Intense Organisation

    If you want to explore the mountains of Guadaloupe and go for both safe and adventurous trek, the option n°1 is to be guided by experts from this club.

  • Étang Madère Lake

    Étang Madère Lake

    Follow the trail from Étang Roche and you will reach the enchanting lake set in a thick rainforest. Don't forget good shoes!

  • Palace of the General Council

    Palace of the General Council

    Pay a visit to this important building. Don't miss it otherwise you might not find out the secrets about the island.

  • Sec Pâté (Le Pâté Island)

    Sec Pâté (Le Pâté Island)

    Dainty teeny tiny island is washed by rough and wild sea. BUT one of the coolest diving destinations in the world is right here.

  • Basse-Terre Courthouse

    Basse-Terre Courthouse

    As white and elegant as the White House in Washington D.C. The judicial court serves to the good of people and security on the island.

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