Psalidi Go Kart

While on a holiday at Psalidi, take your kids to the go-kart track and have the best race of your lives!

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Psalidi Go Kart in Greece

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Attractions near to Psalidi Go Kart

  • Asclepion, Kos


    This popular travellers' spot used to serve as a healing temple in the past. Hippocrates is believed to have worked here.

  • Agora, Kos


    Consisting of ruins of pillars and buildings, this place used to be the main town market where people met.

  • The Castle of the Knights of Saint John, Kos

    The Castle of the Knights of Saint John

    Built between the 14th and 16th centuries, this castle still doesn't cease to amaze its visitors who marvel at its ancient beauty.

  • The Thermes

    The Thermes

    Charming place where hot water springs from the earth. You will forget about all your problems here.

  • Roman Odeon, Kos

    Roman Odeon

    Music competitions used to take place at this ancient open-air theater. Featuring eighteen rows of seats, it could accommodate hundreds of people.

  • Therma Beach

    Therma Beach

    The water which springs at this place contains numerous minerals beneficial for human body. Suitable for year-around bathing.

  • Medieval Walls of Kos, Kos

    Medieval Walls of Kos

    Built in the 14th century, these walls' aim was to protect the town from intruders. Some of them are still distinguishable.

  • Church of Agia Paraskevi, Kos

    Church of Agia Paraskevi

    One of the most beautiful churches on Kos also belongs to the island's largest religious centers. Both its interior and exterior are nice.

  • Tree of Hippocrates, Kos

    Tree of Hippocrates

    Hippocrates taught his students right under this platane tree. See one of the oldest trees in the world!

  • Knightly Residence of Governor, Kos

    Knightly Residence of Governor

    Now serving as the Archaeological library, this building with long and rich history used to be a military seat and a cafeteria in the past.

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