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Glienicke Bridge

Glienicker Brücke

Crossing the Havel River, spies used this bridge in the Cold War. It appeared in fiction books and TV shows many times.

Glienicke Bridge, 14109 Berlin, Germany

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Glienicke Bridge Pictures

Attractions near to Glienicke Bridge

  • Sanssouci Palace, Potsdam

    Sanssouci Palace

    Designed in the Rococco style, this mansion has stunning interior and its gardens and a park are spectacular as well.

  • New Palace, Potsdam

    New Palace

    The palace was built under Frederick the Great after the Seven Years' War. Admire the Baroque architecture and its majestic interiors.

  • Cecilienhof Palace, Potsdam

    Cecilienhof Palace

    The Potsdam Conference was held in 1945 in this palace. Come to gain more knowledge about it and admire its Tudor Revival facade.

  • Babelsberg Palace, Potsdam

    Babelsberg Palace

    An astonishing Neo-Gothic jewel built for the emperor William I. The surrounding park only adds to its beauty.

  • Teufelsberg, Berlin


    Rising up to 80 meters, this manmade hill was created after World War II from the debris of Berlin's destroyed buildings.

  • Peacock Island, Potsdam

    Peacock Island

    This river island boasts beautiful nature with a bird preserve. You can also visit a wonderful castle during your trip.

  • House of the Wannsee Conference, Berlin

    House of the Wannsee Conference

    Jewish deportations were arranged in this mansion in 1942. As a reminder of these horrible acts, it has been turned into a memorial site.

  • Dutch Quarter, Potsdam

    Dutch Quarter

    Take a walk through this neighbourhood and admire the red Dutch brick buildings.

  • Glienicke Palace, Potsdam

    Glienicke Palace

    Inspired by the style of Italian villas, this mansion features many Mediterranean elements, including rich interior decorations.

  • Einstein Tower, Potsdam

    Einstein Tower

    A beautiful jewel of expressionist architecture. Named for the experiments related to the theory of relativity that are carried out here.

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