A beautiful outing spot that holds both a zoo and a botanical garden. Worth a visit just for its old-times-like charm.

Neckartalstraße 13, 70342 Stuttgart, Germany

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More information about Wilhelma

Opening Hours

Daily 8:15 or 9 am - 4 to 6 pm
Depends on what you want to see. Please, check the website.


Adults: 16 €
Children: 8 €
Evening and low season available, check the website


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Wilhelma Pictures

Attractions near to Wilhelma

  • Mercedes-Benz Museum, Stuttgart

    Mercedes-Benz Museum

    An absolute must-see for any car fan. The museum is well-organised, fun and easy to spend hours in.

  • Porsche Museum, Stuttgart, Stuttgart

    Porsche Museum, Stuttgart

    An excellent museum, especially for Porsche fans. There is a lot more than just cars and plenty to keep you entertained for the afternoon.

  • Palace Square, Stuttgart

    Palace Square

    Don't miss the very heart of Stuttgart, a square where you can just stroll, relax or experience the genius loci. Concerts are held here, too.

  • Stuttgart Old Castle, Stuttgart

    Stuttgart Old Castle

    A beautiful piece of old architecture. This castle dates back to the 10th century but due to bombing it was renovated in 1960s.

  • New Palace Stuttgart, Stuttgart

    New Palace Stuttgart

    If you want a beautiful example of Baroque architecture, you've just found it. Enjoy the beauty of this palace and of the Palace square.

  • Killesberg Tower, Stuttgart

    Killesberg Tower

    This filigree-like tower, situated in the beautiful Killesberg Hill Park, offers a great view of Stuttgart.

  • Market Hall Stuttgart, Stuttgart

    Market Hall Stuttgart

    This market is a temple of delicious food and spices – step inside and enjoy all the colours, smells and flavours!

  • Königsbau Passage, Stuttgart

    Königsbau Passage

    At one of the hottest spots in Stuttgart you can do all the (window)shopping you want! This shopping centre is full of famous brands.

  • Stuttgart Marketplace, Stuttgart

    Stuttgart Marketplace

    If you feel like shopping for local goods, stop by at Stuttgart's open-air market where you can choose from various regional products.

  • Schiller Square, Stuttgart

    Schiller Square

    This is one of the important squares in Stuttgart. There is a sculpture of Friedrich Schiller and a street market takes place here, too.

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