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Arles Roman Theatre

Théâtre Antique d'Arles

A stunning example of an ancient Roman theatre still used today for various occasions. Along with other Roman sights in the town it is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage.

Boulevard des Lices, 13200 Arles, France

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Arles Roman Theatre Pictures

Attractions near to Arles Roman Theatre

  • Arles Amphitheatre, Arles

    Arles Amphitheatre

    The 2,000 year old amphitheatre is incredibly well-preserved and is still used today for bullfighting and concerts. A definite must-see.

  • Camargue Museum, Arles

    Camargue Museum

    Housed in a former barn, this museum explains the history of the Camargue region with a focus on human activities.

  • Hotel Jules Cesar, Arles

    Hotel Jules Cesar

    What used to be a Carmelite convent's chapel has been turned into a part of a hotel. However, it has still retained its religious character.

  • Municipal Theater, Arles

    Municipal Theater

    The main city theater is housed in a beautiful old building but its performances are very contemporary. Book your tickets in advance!

  • Guy Berthier Dite du Trébon Pool, Arles

    Guy Berthier Dite du Trébon Pool

    This indoor swimming facility features two pools, small and large. It is suitable for the whole family.

  • Cryptorticos of Arles, Arles

    Cryptorticos of Arles

    A fascinating system of underground tunnels dating back to the times of the Roman Empire. Be sure to visit, if you're travelling to Arles.

  • Roquette district, Arles

    Roquette district

    Streets of this picturesque neigborhood are ideal for walking. Marvel at its old houses and stroll down the promenade by the river.

  • Van Gogh Bridge, Arles

    Van Gogh Bridge

    A replica of the famous Langlois Bridge, which appeared in several paintings of Van Gogh. It crosses a canal of the Rhône.

  • Forum Square, Arles

    Forum Square

    It's possible that you know this square from Van Gogh's painting Cafe Terrace at Night. Actually, there are a lot of pleasant cafés around.

  • Saint Césaire Church, Arles

    Saint Césaire Church

    Designed in the Southern Gothic style, this church's interior is famous for its pointed arches and original floor tiles.

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