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Map of El Salvador Attractions

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What to Do in El Salvador

  • El Boqueron National Park, San Salvador

    El Boqueron National Park

    Visit a beautiful park, located in the crater of San Salvador volcano, walk through its trails and enjoy the nature!

  • Lake Coatepeque

    Lake Coatepeque

    Visit a unique volcanic lake with a crystal blue water surrounded by beautiful nature. A popular place for travelers as well as locals.

  • Joya de Ceren Archaeological Site

    Joya de Ceren Archaeological Site

    Discover a rich history of this locality and the way of life of the inhabitants living here as early as 1200 BC.

  • Cara Sucia

    Cara Sucia

    One of the most significant Mesoamerican sites in El Salvador, abandoned in 900 AD. It's going to be enlisted in UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

  • Lake Ilopango

    Lake Ilopango

    The second largest and one of the most beautiful crater lakes in the country is located near the capital city and surrounded by greenery.

  • San Andrés

    San Andrés

    Take a walk around a famous archaeologic site and discover the rich history of a once important city. A unique experience for sure.

  • El Carmen Church, Santa Tecla

    El Carmen Church

    A beautiful architectural gem right in the heart of the town with a rich history. A must visit for architecture and history enthusiasts.

  • National Zoo, San Salvador

    National Zoo

    Take your children to a nice zoo where they can admire 117 species of birds, mammals and reptiles and a number of species of plants.

  • La Costa del Sol

    La Costa del Sol

    Visit a nice beach especially popular for its tranquil atmosphere, which is also a perfect place for fishing.

  • Cerro de las Pavas

    Cerro de las Pavas

    A tourist attraction and a famous pilgrimage site with a great view of lake Illopango. Don't forget to buy handicraft gifts for your friends.

  • El Sunzal Beach

    El Sunzal Beach

    It takes only about 30 minuts to get from the San Salvador city centre to this beautiful place perfect for surfing.

  • El Carmen Walk, Santa Tecla

    El Carmen Walk

    Visit this recently renovated cultural district and enjoy its vibrant atosphere. A perfect place for a walk or a dinner.

  • Santa Tecla, Santa Tecla

    Santa Tecla

    Discover a historic town of Santa Tecla, which offers many historically interesting buildings, sites and a beautiful cathedral.

  • Tazumal


    One of the most intriguing archaeological sites which includes ruins of Mayan pyramids and palaces will be an unforgettable experience.

  • Television Museum and Salvadorian Cinema, Santa Tecla

    Television Museum and Salvadorian Cinema

    Are you interested in cinema and television? In this museum you will get to know everything about Salvadorean television and film production.

  • Santa Ana Volcano

    Santa Ana Volcano

    The highest volcano in El Salvador offers a unique hiking experience! Take a guided tour and enjoy the stunning views from the top of the volcano!

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Cities in El Salvador

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