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Map of Quito Attractions

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What to Do in Quito

  • Quito Old Town, Quito

    Quito Old Town

    One of the first city areas that was named a UNESCO heritage. History comes alive in the old neighbourhoods – do not miss!

  • Quito Cable Car, Quito

    Quito Cable Car

    The best place where to go if you want to see stunning views of Quito and the surrounding volcanoes. Was supposed to be a whole theme park.

  • Basilica of the National Vow, Quito

    Basilica of the National Vow

    This majestic Neo-Gothic cathedral is the largest in the Americas. Come look at the inside or climb one of the towers.

  • Vulqano Park, Quito

    Vulqano Park

    An amusement park with over 20 attractions for you to enjoy. Don't be fooled by the „free entry“ sign, you pay by the attraction.

  • Mariscal Craft Market, Quito

    Mariscal Craft Market

    A small but busy market that sells all sorts of beautiful local crafts. Head here for souvenirs and don't forget to bargain.

  • San Francisco Square, Quito

    San Francisco Square

    One of the oldest squares in the city. Perfect for people-watching, marvelling at the architecture here and also offers great views of Quito.

  • Church of the Society of Jesus, Quito

    Church of the Society of Jesus

    A large Jesuit church best known for its lavish, awe-inspiring decor in the central nave, holding true to the Baroque ideal.

  • Mariscal District, Quito

    Mariscal District

    During the day, the district is quite busy thanks to the cafés here, but it really comes alive at night with the nightclubs and discos.

  • Round Street, Quito

    Round Street

    A small, atmospheric street lined with restaurants, shops and more. A great place for a walk and near other attractions.

  • Los Troncos, Quito

    Los Troncos

    South America is definitely one of the best places where to have a steak, and this restaurant can do them very well.

  • Church and Convent of St. Francis, Quito

    Church and Convent of St. Francis

    A beautiful, richly decorated church with two marvellous chapels. Built together with the convent shortly after founding of Quito in 1534.

  • Chapel of Man, Quito

    Chapel of Man

    The last of architect Guayasamín's works. A tribute to the struggle of man worldwide and a sight like no other – do not miss.

  • Independence Square, Quito

    Independence Square

    A beautiful square lined with public buildings. See the fountain and the monument here and then watch people as they go about their lives.

  • Pasachoa Forest Reserve, Quito

    Pasachoa Forest Reserve

    The slops of the extinct volcano are home to many species of flora and fauna. A way to spend a day in a rewarding way.

  • Amazon Museum, Quito

    Amazon Museum

    The missionaries that ventured to the Amazon collected many indigenous artefacts there. Nowadays, these are on display in this museum.

  • Amazon Avenue, Quito

    Amazon Avenue

    An important street for tourists – not just because it leads to the airport, but because it's lined by shops and local craftsmen.

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