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Baochu Pagoda


The slender pagoda has a long history behind it. A picturesque sight near the lake – take your camera with you.

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Tours and Activities in Hangzhou

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Baochu Pagoda Pictures

Attractions near to Baochu Pagoda

  • West Lake, Hangzhou

    West Lake

    This UNESCO-listed wonder is Hangzhou's main sight. The lake and its surroundings are filled with amazing sights and magical atmosphere.

  • Hefang Street, Hangzhou

    Hefang Street

    A picturesque pedestrian street filled with shops selling Chinese crafts, teahouses and more. Makes for an atmospheric night walk.

  • Leifeng Pagoda, Hangzhou

    Leifeng Pagoda

    A breath-taking sight, especially at sunset. There are actually two pagodas and the older one dates back to 977.

  • Wushan Night Market, Hangzhou

    Wushan Night Market

    The atmosphere here is undeniable. Get lost in the crowd, hunt for the best deals and don't forget to bargain.

  • Lingyin Temple, Hangzhou

    Lingyin Temple

    An extensive temple complex well-known for its stunning decor and the caves filled with Buddha carvings nearby.

  • Bai Causeway, Hangzhou

    Bai Causeway

    The bridge cuts the lake in two parts and makes for a beautiful scenic walk right across the lake.

  • Chenghuang Pavilion, Hangzhou

    Chenghuang Pavilion

    The pavilion was built for the World Expo. This enormous structure contains paintings depicting the city's past and other sights.

  • Su Causeway, Hangzhou

    Su Causeway

    The causeway provides some of the most beautiful views of the lake and its surroundings – take a walk and see it yourself.

  • Confucius Temple, Hangzhou

    Confucius Temple

    The extensive temple complex has a lot to offer. The main building is a sight in itself, but do not miss the stele „forest“ and more.

  • Lotus Quyuan Garden, Hangzhou

    Lotus Quyuan Garden

    The largest lotus garden in all of China and a sight of extraordinary beauty. One of Hangzhou's many natural wonders.

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