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The charming flea market takes place every weekend and everything is possible to buy here, from antiques to clothes.

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Persa Bio Bio Santiago, Chile

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Attractions near to Persa Bio-Bio

  • San Cristóbal Hill, Santiago

    San Cristóbal Hill

    Topped with amphitheatre, church and statue of Virgin Mary, this is the second highest peak in Santiago. Views are priceless.

  • Villa Grimaldi Park for Peace

    Villa Grimaldi Park for Peace

    This is where Villa Grimaldi, site of torture of political prisoners once stood. Transformed into a memorial park.

  • Santa Lucia Hill, Santiago

    Santa Lucia Hill

    The hill is covered with well-manicured park full of monuments, lookouts and fountains. A perfect vantage point.

  • Plaza De Armas, Santiago

    Plaza De Armas

    The main square and the literal centre of the city. Surrounded by historical buildings, museums and landmarks.

  • Bellavista, Santiago


    Vibrant historical neighbourhood – walk around, peek in the numerous galleries, have local food and party all night long.

  • Metropolitan Cathedral, Santiago

    Metropolitan Cathedral

    A beautiful and serene building. The architectural splendour almost beats its spiritual significance.

  • La Chascona, Santiago

    La Chascona

    The historical home of Pablo Neruda, the legendary Nobel-winning poet. Book a guided tour beforehand.

  • Baco Vino y Bistro

    Baco Vino y Bistro

    This is where you can catch up with the latest trends in wine industry. Hip bar serving innovative meals, too.

  • Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art, Santiago

    Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art

    The museum collects, studies and displays artworks and artefacts from all around Central and South America.

  • La Vega Central, Santiago

    La Vega Central

    Best in the early morning: local produce market full of bustle. Shop for delicious fruit or just look around – there's much to see.

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