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Terrasse Dufferin Promenade

Terrasse Dufferin

A long promenade that offers magnificent panoramic views of coast and sea. It is usually full of various street performers.

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Tours and Activities in Quebec City

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Terrasse Dufferin Promenade Pictures

Attractions near to Terrasse Dufferin Promenade

  • Old Quebec, Quebec City

    Old Quebec

    The historical center of Quebec. It is the heart of the city. You can see typical stone made houses here.

  • Royal Plaza, Quebec City

    Royal Plaza

    A historic plaza that creates the heart of the Lower Town in Quebec. The square itself has amazing atmosphere and is worth-seeing.

  • Montmorency Falls Park, Quebec City

    Montmorency Falls Park

    A 82 meters high waterfall is the main dominant of this amazing park. It is one of the most beautiful places in Quebec, so you should not miss it.

  • Old Quebec Funicular, Quebec City

    Old Quebec Funicular

    A cable way with over 130 years of tradition. During your ride you will have opportunity to see amazing Quebec scenery.

  • Quebec Citadel, Quebec City

    Quebec Citadel

    A small military fortress that is part of the Quebec fortifications. The whole fortification is on World Heritage List.

  • Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church, Quebec City

    Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church

    One of the oldest stone churches in North America, it is small but very romantic. If you like the ancient atmosphere, this is the right place.

  • Ramparts of Quebec City, Quebec City

    Ramparts of Quebec City

    Quebec is one of the few cities in North America with well preserved city fortification. It is fascinating to see how our ancestors built it.

  • Promenade of Governors, Quebec City

    Promenade of Governors

    A promenade along the coast of the sea that is popular thanks to amazing scenery views. Great place for evening walks.

  • Lower Town, Quebec City

    Lower Town

    This part of Quebec is the place, where original Quebec was founded. It is full of galleries and its cobblestone streets are impressive.

  • Museum of Chocolate Érico, Quebec City

    Museum of Chocolate Érico

    A chocolaterie and museum dedicated to the chocolate and sweets. You will see how the chocolate and sweets are made here.

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