Map of Rio de Janeiro Attractions

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Tours and Activities in Rio de Janeiro

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What to Do in Rio de Janeiro

  • Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer, Rio de Janeiro

    Corcovado and Christ the Redeemer

    Almost 40 metres tall, this Art Deco statue is one of the symbols of Rio. A must-see, also because of the breath-taking views from the hill.

  • Copacabana Beach, Rio de Janeiro

    Copacabana Beach

    The icon of Rio de Janeiro. Often busy, but there is enough space for everyone to witness the lively atmosphere of this world-famous beach.

  • Sugarloaf Mountain, Rio de Janeiro

    Sugarloaf Mountain

    Its specific shape has given it the curious name and the status of one of Rio's landmarks. Hike up to the top and enjoy the stunning views.

  • Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro

    Ipanema Beach

    Listed as the sexiest beach in the world. Atmospheric, lively and a must-visit, no matter whether you're hitting the sea or just on a stroll.

  • Selarón Staircase, Rio de Janeiro

    Selarón Staircase

    A magical sight. These colourful, decorated stairs are the work of one artist, changing constantly and one of the symbols of Rio.

  • Lapa, Rio de Janeiro


    A neighbourhood famous for its nightlife and historical sights. The restaurants and bars here are an important cultural hub.

  • Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

    A truly amazing sight. This vast garden is home to more than 6,000 species of fauna and flora and also many bird species. Do not miss.

  • Rio de Janeiro Cathedral, Rio de Janeiro

    Rio de Janeiro Cathedral

    A modern, impressive cathedral that will definitely grab your attention. Make sure to see it from the inside, too.

  • Lapa Arches, Rio de Janeiro

    Lapa Arches

    This no longer working 18th century aquaduct is still an impressive sight and a picturesque showcase of colonial architecture.

  • Maracana Stadium, Rio de Janeiro

    Maracana Stadium

    The stadium has been a host of many of the FIFA cups, but is also a venue for other sporting events, concerts and more.

  • Atlantica Avenue, Rio de Janeiro

    Atlantica Avenue

    Best experienced at night, when the street bars open, the bossa nova bands assemble and the open-air markets start offering their wares.

  • Tijuca Forest, Rio de Janeiro

    Tijuca Forest

    This urban rainforest is enormous – and every part of it has something to see, be it the lush nature or a forest chapel. Do not miss.

  • Confeitaria Colombo, Rio de Janeiro

    Confeitaria Colombo

    While in Rio, you must try the feijoada. This restaurant is one of the best in making it – and the service is grand, too.

  • Rodrigo de Freitas Lake, Rio de Janeiro

    Rodrigo de Freitas Lake

    One of the best places where to relax in Rio. The shores of the lake are lined with paths, volleyball courts and more.

  • Arpoador Point, Rio de Janeiro

    Arpoador Point

    It's like this rocky platform was made for watching sunsets and snapping perfect pictures of the sea and the beach. Well worth the visit.

  • Leblon Beach, Rio de Janeiro

    Leblon Beach

    A wonderful beach that is not as crowded as the more popular ones. The surf here is great and so are the facilities.

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