Museo Costumbrista Juan de Vargas

The museum contains photos, art, ceramic figurine dioramas of La Paz in the past, hand-made dolls in costumes and some colonial artifacts.

Sucre, La Paz, Bolivia

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Museo Costumbrista Juan de Vargas in La Paz, Bolivia

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Museo Costumbrista Juan de Vargas Pictures

Attractions near to Museo Costumbrista Juan de Vargas

  • Witches Market, La Paz

    Witches Market

    A flea market offering Brazilian and local musical instruments, aphrodisiacs and various strange props for Aymara rituals.

  • Valley of the Moon, La Paz

    Valley of the Moon

    A pleasant break from urban La Paz, it is a bizzare hillside maze of pinnacles and canyons with several cactus species growing here.

  • Killi Killi Viewpoint, La Paz

    Killi Killi Viewpoint

    The free-of-charge viewpoint provides the most impressive panorama and the best view of the entire La Paz city area.

  • Presidential Palace, La Paz

    Presidential Palace

    The Presidential Palace stands on the Plaza Murillo right next to the Cathedral. The amazing architectonic gem is well worth stopping by.

  • Basilica of San Francisco, La Paz

    Basilica of San Francisco

    A stunning 16th-century hewed stone basilica has an amazingly decorated facade, cloisters and a garden. It also recently opened a museum.

  • Plaza Murillo, La Paz

    Plaza Murillo

    The square was named after the leader of the La Paz Revolution – Pedro Domingo Murillo, who was hanged here. His statue is its main feature.

  • Coca Museum, La Paz

    Coca Museum

    The museum focuses on an interesting local phenomenon: coca leaves and cocaine. It shows the various uses and effects of the infamous plant.

  • Blueberries Café, La Paz

    Blueberries Café

    The café situated near the Plaza Abaroa is popular thanks to its delicious coffee and tasty breakfast menu.

  • Breick Chocolate Shop, La Paz

    Breick Chocolate Shop

    This top-quality chocolate store with extremely reasonable prices must not be missed. Taste the best Bolivia has to offer!

  • Peña Marka Tambo, La Paz

    Peña Marka Tambo

    A cheap and one of the more traditional peñas is well worth the visit – the amazing live music also comes with food.

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