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Map of Belize Attractions

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What to Do in Belize

  • Bannister Island, Belize City

    Bannister Island

    Tiny private island that offers the best beaches in the Belize City area. Come here to enjoy its pristine beaches.

  • Lamanai


    Ruins of Mayan city still dominated by several temples. Also, pay a visit to the adjacent museum housing the excavations.

  • Caracol Ruins

    Caracol Ruins

    Off the tourist track: This vast Mayan archaeological site prides itself on its huge amount of monuments, pyramids and sanctuaries.

  • Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre

    Cave of the Crystal Sepulchre

    Come here to see the extensive cave which presents the history of the Mayan civilization. Admire their skeletons, ceramics and stoneware.

  • Altun Ha Maya Site

    Altun Ha Maya Site

    Fascinating ruins of ancient temples dating back to 900 BC. Difficult to reach without an organised tour yet well worth it!

  • Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

    Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary

    A wonderful natural reserve as well as place where the natives still live as a community. A must see not only for birdwatchers!

  • Community Baboon Sanctuary

    Community Baboon Sanctuary

    Amazing natural reserve where you can see lots of various animals, most importantly the howler monkeys up close.

  • Pusilha


    The major excavations performed in 2001 show that Pusilha used to be an independent Mayan town ruled by the traditional elite.

  • Xunantunich


    Pay a visit to one of the most astonishing Mayan sites in Belize. Admire the numerous temples, plazas, squares and the El Castillo pyramid.

  • Cahal Pech

    Cahal Pech

    Visit this striking Mayan landmark which served as a palace for an elite Mayan family who abandoned it in 900 AD.

  • Baking Pot

    Baking Pot

    If you are interested in learning about Mayan agricultural habits and exploring the lithic workshops, then visit this Postclassic Mayan site.

  • Nim Li Punit

    Nim Li Punit

    Nicknamed the Big Hat due to the cover on one of the stelas, this small-sized Mayan town is a stunner. Watch out for cougars and monkeys.

  • Cerros


    Aptly situated on a peninsula, this Mayan site served as an intermediary link for traders and provided home to 1,100 inhabitants.

  • Lubaantun


    You will be wowed by the unique „in-and-out masonry“ architectural style in which this Classic Mayan town was constructed.

  • Cuello


    Off the tourist track: This small rural Mayan site dates to 2600–1200 BC and reveals the lifestyle of the then inhabitants.

  • Corozal Town

    Corozal Town

    If you are interested in learning about the Caste War of Yucatán and visiting the Santa Rite Mayan site, then stop by in this coastal town.

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Cities in Belize

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