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Gravensteen Castle


One of the most picturesque castles in Belgium. There is a lot to see – from the torture chambers to the astonishing vistas of the city.

Sint-Veerleplein 11, 9000 Gent, Belgium

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Gravensteen Castle in Gent, Belgium
Gravensteen (Gent) ©  Maros

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Gravensteen Castle Pictures

Attractions near to Gravensteen Castle

  • Belfry of Ghent, Gent

    Belfry of Ghent

    The UNESCO protected belfry is one of the city's three towers. It has a dragon on top. The hall next to it was used for clothes trade.

  • St. Michael's Bridge, Gent

    St. Michael's Bridge

    Stop by at this solid bridge to enjoy an amazing view of Ghent. This is one of the most photographed sceneries.

  • Graslei and Korenlei, Gent

    Graslei and Korenlei

    The medieval houses along the canal, the old port and a wide promenade: this is the focal point of Ghent, the very heart of the city.

  • Town Hall, Gent

    Town Hall

    An interesting fusion of Gothic and Renaissance building styles. Don't forget to explore the interior.

  • Kraanlei, Gent


    Waterfront promenade leading through the historical parts of the city. Just walk along the canal and enjoy the spectacular scenery.

  • St Nicholas's Church, Gent

    St Nicholas's Church

    The recently restored Gothic church made of local greystone was the most important dominant and guardpost until the belfry was built.

  • St. Bavo's Cathedral, Gent

    St. Bavo's Cathedral

    Dedicated to the patron saint of Ghent, the cathedral is a real Gothic gem that adorns the city. Do not miss out the legendary altarpiece!

  • Graffiti Street, Gent

    Graffiti Street

    The name says it all – this alley is a popular target for young graffiti artists. The street never stays the same for long.

  • Historical City Centre, Gent

    Historical City Centre

    The heart of the city is a gem to behold: historical houses, lively pedestrian streets and countless little details. Just amazing!

  • Ghent Market Hall, Gent

    Ghent Market Hall

    An ultra-modern shelter that is growing in the very center of the city – a proof of how progressive Ghent is! Do not miss out.

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