Great Bird Island

This small island is packed with different animal species and is also the last habitat of Antiguan Racer. Privately owned.

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Tours and Activities in Antigua and Barbuda

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Great Bird Island Pictures

Attractions near to Great Bird Island

  • Devil's Bridge

    Devil's Bridge

    Impressive rock formations made solely by the power of the sea. The spectacular views from here are also a nice addition.

  • Betty’s Hope, St. John's

    Betty’s Hope

    A 17th century sugar plantation that has been restored and made into an open-air museum. Informative and scenic at the same time.

  • Stingray City, St. John's

    Stingray City

    A magical experience for both kids and adults. Meet the local stingrays, give them food and hold one of these creatures.

  • Harmony Hall, St. John's

    Harmony Hall

    Doubles as a restaurant and art gallery. Showcases artwork made by local artists and serves mostly seafood.

  • Indian Town National Park, St. John's

    Indian Town National Park

    A small park that nonetheless offers dozens of hiking opportunities along the lush greenery. Worth a visit.

  • Antigua (ANU), St. John's

    Antigua (ANU)

  • Antigua Clays, St. John's

    Antigua Clays

    This shooting centre might seem like a curious attraction, but their services are grand. If shooting intrigues you at least a little, go there.

  • Long Bay, St. John's

    Long Bay

    A serene beach not completely stripped off facilities. Perfect for spending the day simply lounging under the trees.

  • Hell's Gate

    Hell's Gate

    Only reachable by boat, this stone arch is one of the natural wonders of the islands. Great sea-bathing opportunities here.

  • Jabberwock Beach

    Jabberwock Beach

    A long beach popular with windsurfers for its rougher waves. Great for meeting the locals or watching planes taking off from the nearby airport.

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